Why Brand Identity is Essential

Create a Strong Brand Identity

The development of your brand identity is incredibly exciting for us and takes time to get it right.

See how we can help your brand:

New Company, New Product

  • I’m starting a new business
  • I need a business card and website design
  • We’ve got a new product. It needs a name & logo design
  • We need a campaign that has its own identity
  • We need to launch a world class brand
  • I want to make more money from my existing brand

Revitalise your Brand Identity

  • We are a great company but our image looks dated
  • Our identity does not position us above our competitors
  • Our brand is all over the place and inconsistent
  • I’m embarrassed when I hand out my business card
  • Our brand needs updating to attract better clients

Starting a business is a very big step and without the right information, you may find it difficult to expand and grow.

Brand awareness is important as it increases your clients, sales and is a great way of getting your brand reputation out there. To successfully start a business, having the right information, help and tools can make a huge difference to the outcome. If you want to achieve great results and learn how to do so, click here.

Name Change

  • Our name no longer fits who we are or our industry
  • We need to change our name and revise our materials
  • Our name has negative connotations
  • Our name misleads our customers
  • People are not responding to our identity
  • Another company has a similar name

Find out why a name change can benefit your brand.

Create an Integrated System

  • We do not present a consistent face across our sites
  • We lack visual consistency
  • Our packaging is not distinctive
  • Literature looks like it comes from different places
  • We need to communicate that we are one company
  • Each division has a different marketing theme

Reposition your Brand

  • We want to reposition and renew the corporate brand
  • We’re no longer in the business we were in originally
  • We need to communicate who we are more clearly
  • We need help to enter new markets
  • Our company is not perceived how we want to be seen
  • We want to appeal to new and affluent markets

When Companies Merge

  • We need a new name
  • Need a brand strategy to reflect who we now are
  • Send a clear message that this is an equal merger
  • Build on the brand equity of the merging companies
  • Send a strong signal that we are the industry leader
  • Fold the acquisitions brand into our own brand