Top 10 Tips to Marketing Your Event & Getting Your Brand Recognised

Marketing your business event

The tips listed below are guaranteed to push your event into success. They are all about promotion, marketing and what you need to do to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you need any more information, please contact us.

Brand your event

If you want an event that stands out from all the rest, you will need to brand your event. This can successfully be done through merchandise and themes, and it is important that this thoroughly sticks throughout the evening.

Merchandise for events can be things as simple as keyrings and mugs. Put your logo on these items, give them to guests and they will most likely remember your brand compared to competitors. This has proven to be an effective way of increasing sales and improving relationships with clients.

Your brand is what people see. The audience appeal to colours, fonts and logos and creating yours on JP Productions can benefit you massively. Whether you want to brand uniforms or other products, JP Promotions’¬†help and guidance will result in high quality branding.

First of all, you need an event name. Something that is catchy, yet informative of what the event is about. Look at what your competitors have, but make sure it has your own special touch, e.g. with your logo or slogan. Create your logo.

Identify any relevant sponsorships

Do you know of any relevant companies that you could partner with, or even have sponsorships with? This could help to decrease costs whilst increasing participation levels.

Social media is a great place to get recognition and start discussing any sponsorships.

When you involve other companies in the event process, it means they have a stake in getting the word out about the event, therefore helping you to promote and plan. Find out more.

Increased exposure for your business

Using bus advertising as a means of increasing exposure to a larger market can build your brand and get you recognised.

Out of home advertising is becoming a better option for businesses as it allows advertisers to have an extended engagement with audiences that other forms of advertising cannot meet.

As a bigger amount of people are spending their time out of their homes, brands have found it much harder to engage with them. However, OOH advertising allows audiences to react almost instantly to campaigns, therefore being a bigger success. See for more information.

Need other ideas to market your business?

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