Online marketing for small businesses

Internet Marketing and SEO

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Most small businesses get most of the visitors to their websites from the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, Ask). Despite this, many businesses do not have a strategy for increasing this number – by appearing on Google and the others for more targeted searches (and more-targeted searches).

At Distilled, we are experts in how you can generate more business by prominent placings in the search engines. We can help you find out what words and phrases could drive more qualified visitors to your website, which words and phrases your competitors are targeting and their tactics.

Following keyword research and a competitor analysis, we can help you target appropriate words and phrases with a combination of on-site and off-site tactics as required.

How does PPC Work

How does Pay Per Click work?
For example, the advert on the right is from one of our clients ( Every time someone enters “Boots” into Google that advert appears but no money is paid. A fee is only charged if the user clicks on the ad and is delivered straight to the Momo page on Fasteronline.

Track conversion rates on your campaign for online sales, contact forms or newsletter signups to monitor ROI (Return on Investment) and optimise the campaign further.

PPC Marketing helps throughout the campaign setup process by understanding your business, research the keywords your customers search on, and then producing well targeted adverts with strong hooks and a call to action.

Once a client approves a landing page and the adverts it can be generating traffic on Google in minutes, and clicks start from only 4p. On a monthly basis we monitor and optimise your campaign and keep you informed through our reporting procedure.