What is Pay Per Click?

PPC Info

Pay Per Click (PPC) Definition

A cost model allowing advertisers to pay for performance by only being charged when a targeted lead is brought to their website, NOT when their advert is shown.

The 3 main providers in the UK are Google (Google Adwords), Yahoo and Bing

We are soon to be certified Google Adwords professionals and can setup, optimise and manage Pay Per Click campaigns, ensuring your company gets maximum Return On Investment, but with no technical overhead.

What is Pay Per Click – PPC?
The majority of search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo & MSN) sell premium listings, usually the first few results, on a cost per click basis.

Benefits of PPC

  • Value for Money – only pay when a targeted visitor is brought to your website (rather than when your advert is displayed), which makes it one of the most effective and trackable forms of marketing available.
  • Extremely Accurate – your advertising reaches those already actively searching for your product or service, a significant benefit over traditional offline marketing such as TV or print
  • Transparent and Measurable – down to the keyword that brought them in and if they made a purchase, enquired or signed up on your site
  • Extremely fast to generate traffic – you’ll have new visitors the same day the campaign is approved to go live
  • Tight Budget – your budget can be increased or decreased on a daily basis, and total spend can never exceed the agreed amount
  • Controllable – the ad copy is specifically designed with your marketing message and a call to action
  • Targeted – send the visitor direct to the most relevant page of your website, significantly improving their experience and likelihood to purchase or inquire